Haymarket's Haydn and a discount for the Peking Hamlet

Haymarket Opera Company is the first major company within the city limits to start their fall season.  As always, one can expect something outside the standard canon, Baroque, or in this case Rococo, with lavish musical detail to go with the luxurious costumes, and a singers who have learned the tasteful art of showing off in their flamboyant arias.  Haymarket is serving the historically-informed performance  movement the way Boston Early Music Festival and Opera Atelier have served their communities.  There are no gimmicks - just reverence for the material, and devotion to its myriad of demands.  Show by show this company expands its reach as it increases its mastery of a difficult but very worthy art form.  Their fall production is Haydn's L'isola disabitata - but it shouldn't matter what show they are producing.  Their brand and reputation should be enough reason to seek tickets to this show.

Speaking of outside the standard canon, readers of Vocal Arts Chicago are invited to hear the Shanghai Peking Opera Company (Shanghai Jingju) with access to highly discounted tickets purchased in advance.  The Harris Theater presents Shanghai Jingju's The Revenge of Prince Zi Dan, an adaptation of Hamlet, as part of the ongoing Shakespeare 400 Chicago festival. 

Go to the VAC listing for September 28th and 29th for the promotional code.