Die schöne Müllerin on ice!

Audiences of classical music, especially classical vocal music can sometimes get insular and miss amazing collaborations which can expand their tastes in performance. Producers are racking thier brains trying to figure out what combination of theater and music will get people to come to the theater.  Mark Morris Dance Group has had great success introducing dance audiences to baroque opera and oratorio.  Romeo Castellucci has been enjoying a lot of buzz from the imagery of his recent staged St. Matthew Passion  at the Hamburg Staatsoper.  There is no reason why art song can't also benefit from innovative projects like Jessica Lang Dance's The Wanderer.

San Francisco Opera Adler Fellow barihunk Edward Nelson is joined by pianist Brad Smith in a visually stunning performance of Schubert's Die schöne Müllerin choreographed by Jessica Lang this Wednesday at the Harris Theater. 

VAC readers can purchase tickets at 50% off (as low as $28) with the code SCHUBERT50 at the Harris Theater website